AlarmDog is a powerful real-time alarm management and notification software.

It is able to consume alarms from different data sources, such as SCADA systems or OPC servers and to notify them in an optimal and intelligent way to the different components of the work team of any productive environment. Follows various notification strategies based on users, work groups, positions of responsibility and schedules.

AlarmDog It is integrated into international factories, 24 hours a day each of 365 days a year. Thanks to the great team of engineers who work and support it to offer new features and stay at the forefront of technologyinformación.

AlarmDog has proven to be a robust and reliable product to be valued as a great alternative in the current market.

Features of AlarmDog


    AlarmDog applies intelligent and complex notification logics to make it easier for each user of the system to receive each alarm at the right time. For this, it offers the possibility of defining different work groups with their respective levels of responsibility. It allows to scale the alarms from one level of responsibility to the next when appropriate. An example of this would be the case in which a certain alarm has not been recognized after a consensual period of time.


    Display of current alarms as well as historical alarms from the web interface or mobile APP. Also, every day, at the time you want, AlarmDog will send you an email with the summary of all the alarms generated during the day or the corresponding period.


    Calendars of work so that the workers stop receiving alarms when they are no longer in their working hours. Those who occupy the position currently will receive them.


    AlarmDog uses a system with SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized access and protect information. Unauthorized accesses are managed as own alarms. An alarm will be generated so that the person in charge of the system can deal with the situation as soon as possible.


    It allows configuring the necessary filters to be able to ignore or route the alarms in detail according to their origin, priority, severity or the work area in which they occurred. In general, you can filter the alarms through all the fields of the protocol used.


    Alarms can be notified through multiple channels. SMS messages, emails or through the mobile application (APP) for smartphones: iOS, Android y Windows Phone.


    Web interface developed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. The application is available at any time to the administrator from any computer and operating system (MacOS, Windows, Linux). In this way it is possible to reconfigure the application without having to disconnect the system or a second, avoiding possible loss of alarms.

Why choose AlarmDog

Multiple alarm providers
It allows connection with any SCADA system that supports OPC-DA (Data Access) or OPC-AE (Alarms and Events) and incorporates a communication driver for the Wonderware System Platform.

Bidirectional communication
You can interact in real time with the system through a set of commands via SMS, email or mobile APP. Examples are recognizing and validating alarms, registering users, etc.

It allows registering multiple hardware alarm notification devices, such as mail servers or GSM modems to be used in case of failure. The system informs the head of the systems department when there is a connectivity failure.

Compliance with part 11 of title 21 of the CFR
Track the AlarmDog configuration changes and archive them in a special text file using the audit modification tool. The use of this text file with the encrypted software will help to comply with Part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for the monitoring of configuration changes.

Customers who trust in alarmdog

AlarmDog it has the firm intention of developing long-term relationships. For this, we assume from the beginning a high level of commitment to its objectives. We work with a business model strongly based on results, which allows us to perfectly align our interests with those of the companies that trust us.
AlarmDog for mobile devices. Enjoy its great advantages.

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